2022 - Hemphill is humbled and honored to serve others - Voted “Best Employment Agency”

Omaha, Nebraska, April, 2022 -  Hemphill Search Group, Inc. and Hemphill Staffing Solutions, Inc. are humbled and honored to be named “Best Employment Agency” by Omaha’s business leaders and readers of the B2B magazine. 

Dan Hemphill, Founder & President shared, “The process of partnering with a business leader to select the right employee, project consultant, or temporary employee with the right work experience, industry knowledge, skill, personality, drive, and ambition who will be successful and happy long-term is challenging, incredibly rewarding and very important work.  When we deliver the right solution, the leader gets to add an impressive high caliber member to their team which lifts and improves the team and company. The individual we place steps into a position where they can do the work they love, and are great at, within a company and culture where they are happy, and able to grow personally and professionally.  The co-workers gain a new teammate who adds value, and is a joy to work with each day.  When we have delivered the right solution, we have created a Win / Win / Win outcome for all involved, and we have made a positive impact in our community!”

Hemphill, added, “We have a wonderful team!  Each member of our firm is incredibly talented, and they really care about finding the right match while delivering the right solution. I am proud of the solutions we have provided, and inspired by our efforts to continue finding better and more efficient ways to find the find the right match for all involved. I am enthused about adding new members to our team in the months ahead which will help us take the next step in our growth toward our full potential.  It is a joy coming to work each day with this group.  We are having a lot of fun, and we are blessed with the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of others.”

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